Since our start in 1935,  The Wesley has annually gone on both  international and domestic Mission Trips. Through the years we have gone to over 15 different countries as well as over 20 cities across the nation.  God has faithfully met students on these trips to change their lives forever.  In fact, Wesley Alumni are currently serving across Texas, the nation, and in multiple countries around the world. 

We believe that being missional is not just for some, but for every Christian.  We hope that during your time at the Wesley, that you would be “on call” to where God might be leading you. Mission trips and service opportunities are challenging,  but also incredibly rewarding.


Option 1:  July 2023
Partner Ministry: Operacion Abrigo
Location: Copper Canyon, Mexico
Outreach/Evangelism/Food Distribution
Cost per person: $400

Option 2: October 2023
Partner Ministry: Operacion Abrigo
Location: Tierra Nueva, Mexico
Home Building ($3,200)
Cost per person: $400




Dates: January 20-27, 2024
Partner Ministry: Let Hope Begin Here Guatemala
Location: Villa Nueva, Guatemala
Cost: $1800


Partner Ministry: North West Haiti Christian Ministry
Location:  Môle-Saint-Nicolas, Haiti


Dates: 2022

Partner Ministry: TBD
Location: TBD 
Cost: TBD


Juarez, Mexico || October 2022
Ruidoso, New Mexico || April 2022
Round Rock, Texas || March 2022
Juarez, Mexico || March 2022
Guyables, Guatemala || February 2022
Juarez, Mexico || October 2021
Liberia, Costa Rica || July 2021
Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti || May 2021
Juarez, Mexico || March, 2021
Austin, Texas || March, 2021
Juarez, Mexico || October 22-25, 2020
Juarez, Mexico || November 13-16, 2020
Bowie, Texas || May, 2020
    Lake Charles, Louisiana || September, 2020
DeRidder, Louisiana || September, 2020 
Operation Christmas Child || November, 2020 || Lubbock, Texas
Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti|| May 2019
Juarez, Mexico || October 2019
Juarez, Mexico || December 2019
Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti|| May 2018
Juarez, Mexico || October 2018
Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti|| March 2017
Juarez, Mexico || October 2017
Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti|| March 2016
Juarez, Mexico || October 2016
Mole St. Nicholas, Haiti|| March 2015
Juarez, Mexico || October 2015

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