Leadership Expectations

Wesley Student Leadership


Our Mission


Mission: The Wesley at Texas Tech exists to make faithful disciples of Jesus Christ among college students for the glory of God. 


Who we are: The Wesley at Texas Tech creates an environment where students encounter God, experience growth through Christ-like community, and are trained, mobilized, and sent to make disciples on campus, in their families, in their future careers, and in all the world.


Raising Christian Leaders


Our Expectations




    • Lead in a community group
    • Lead at Underground
    • Lead on Fall Retreat (October 4th-6th)

    • Attend monthly Leadership Gatherings (Sundays at 8:30pm)
  • GROW

    • Join a discipleship band led by Wesley staff

    • Lead in one of the Wesley Serve Team
      • Media, Missions, Outreach, Events, Hospitality, Worship/prayer, intramurals, or start your own!


**If you have work or local church commitments that may impact your ability to fulfill all expectations, please let us know! This WILL NOT disqualify you from serving on the Wesley Leadership Team.

Our Commitment to our Community


Wesley at Texas Tech desires to be a Christ-like community that reflects God’s holiness. God’s redemptive story is about resurrecting old things into beautiful new life, found in Christ. As Staff and student leaders, we have been called to steward Wesley, its students, and its resources. We, as individuals and as a community, commit to one another to live according to the truth and love revealed in Scripture.

As the body of Wesley, we desire to be patient, kind, gentle, loving, joyful, peaceful, faithful, disciplined, and to share goodness. We are committed to speaking the truth in love. We do this by sharing one another’s burdens, bearing with one another’s weaknesses, seeking reconciliation, and serving one another. God wants us to live life to the fullest and desires for us to live in a way that is not of the world. Sin harms this desire and the direct result is not loving people and not loving God.

Our desire is to love God and to love people.

When we fall into the temptations of the world, we substitute our desires for God with other things. These substitutions can never satisfy our longing for God even if they seem like a quick solution to our problems. We find that these things, which are lesser than God’s desires, can have devastating impacts on both our lives and others.

We as the body of the Wesley, acknowledge that God is calling us out of: 

Misuse of drugs or controlled substances, pornography, stealing, speaking or writing profanity, gossip, slandering, relationship harm, harassing, abuse, acting dishonestly, cheating, sexual relations outside of marriage, cohabitation, underage drinking and/or drinking alcohol in excess, and any other ways that aren’t loving to self, others, and God.

God is calling us into a life that reflects hope, grace, community, and love.

When struggles occur with the things God is calling us out of, we as a body, will practice repentance, confession, pardon, and correction. If there is no desire or action towards the practices that God is calling us into, a conversation and possible consequences, including removal from leadership team, may occur.