Wesley Student lead team

 Raising Christian Leaders


We are passionate about pouring into and developing students as leaders!  The Wesley Lead Team exists to develop students that pour into other students, and utilize students gifts to lead in God’s Kingdom work here at the Wesley and beyond.


We will pour into you through discipleship


You will put your gifts and talents to kingdom work.


As part of the Lead team you will lead a Grow Group.

How to Serve Here at the Wesley



The Lead Team exists to grow students in their leadership and help give direction to the growth of students and outreach to others at TTU.

Team Member Information

Ready to help others get connected and grow in their faith?

Applications Due:

  •  November 8th & April 5th


  • A heart to serve
  • Serve in Grow Group
  • Be in a Lead Group

Time Commitments:
3hrs/Month & 3hrs/Week

  • Lead Team Meeting (once a week)
  • Grow Team Meeting (once a week)
  • Underground (once a week)
  • Wesley Wide Events (dances, parties, outreach events)
  • Retreats (once a semester)
  • Blitz (once a semester) 

Worship Team

The worship team exists to help connect students to Christ through worship and grow you as a leader.

Team Member Information

Play an instrument? Sing? Want to help with sound/media?

Applications Due:

  •  Open Enrollment


  • A heart to serve
  • Don’t have to have a musical talent
  • Able to come to Underground Thursday Nights
  • *Be in a discipleship group
  • *Worship Team Small Group
  • Freshman – Senior

Time Commitments:
6hrs/Month & 1+hrs/Week

  • LEAC Family Dinner 1st Sunday of each month 6pm – 8pm
  • Serve on Thursday nights at least 1x/Month
  • Optional Discipleship Group
  • Optional Worship Team Small Group

The Wesley Way : (Lead Team Expectations)


Jesus is King.
We obey what Jesus commands and we lead by following Him. One way we do this is by reading and obeying scripture. We long to look more like Him. We strive for our actions to reflect and honor Him.


We ain’t your momma.

We are all adults. Staff. Leaders. Students. We treat others with respect. Have a problem with someone? Talk to them. Have a responsibility? Do it.


Fill up before you Pour out.
We should take care of ourselves and each other so we are best equipped to serve those in our care. We minister from what we have been given.


It’s not about us.
Our leadership is not to serve ourselves. Our desire is to serve those in or will be in our care. We will have to do things that we don’t like or we find uncomfortable. We will be asked by other leaders to do things that we don’t want to do. In humility we do these things for the betterment of our students and to grow ourselves.


Everyone has a role. Know it.
You are not a counselor (but we have one on staff).  If something is above your pay grade, get help. Our staff is available, and if they can’t help, they will find someone who can.

We all have issues.
None of us have it all together. We will fail. When you do, talk to your team leader and discuss how to move forward to look more like Christ. Don’t be afraid to be seen. We want to truly know each other – not just each other’s majors and hometowns.


Show up.

We expect ourselves and each other to be there and be present. If God has asked you to serve, then our expectation would be that you are here to serve. How can you lead if you aren’t here?