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Christian Action Talk

  1. Christian Action / Ministry: is an OVERFLOW of our RELATIONSHIP with the Lord.

    1. I would have had no connection or desire to even hear Gods nudge to go to the garage.
    2. INTAMACY – Knowing God's heart and desires
      1. Comes through Prayer, Reading Bible, Fasting
    3. Without a connection leads to dead acts (Hebrews 6)
  2. How can we share Christ's love with others if we are not experiencing it in our own lives?
    1. You can't, if you TRY you will be trying to love others out of your own merit and will wear yourself out.
    2. *1 Cor. 3:6-9 You may just be planting a seed or watering a seed, BUT it is GOD whom makes it grow
  3. Christ's Plan

    1. Come save the world from Judgment and to set things right between humans and our God.
    2. 2 Cor. 5:18-21 Given Task of reconciling people to him
    3. We are Christ's ambassadors
      1. Preaching LOVE< JOY< PEACE to a BROKEN and HURTING WORLD
      3. The world is in need, Our FRIENDS are in NEED of a SAVIOUR. TELL THEM about HIM!
  4. Befriend, Be a Friend, Share God's Love with That Friend

    1. Luke 10:30-35
    2. Are you too busy to be a friend/love someone?
      1. Befriend – People want to belong. People are hurting, lonely, and in need of someone who cares about them
      2. Be a Friend – Takes action. SACRIFICE. Giving up your donkey/ time / money
      3. Share Christ – Tell them about Jesus.
    3. The World is DYING. They are hurting to hold back the one and only thing that can save them is SELFISH. Jesus is their only hope.

    1. Its easy for you to get all googly eyed over Jesus and think that this weekend was so great and do nothing about it.
    2. You have the CHOICE NOW to hide in fear & timidity(of enemy)(let satan lie to you)
    3. OR you can take this amazing GIFT OF LIFE and walk in confidence and boldness making new friends, truly being a friend, SACRIFICING, and sharing Christs love with them
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